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Beard Oil
If you are an adult now but still have scarce beard hair, then do not feel shy about it and use beard oil regularly. The oil massage will promote beard growth. For speedy result, use it twice in a day.
Vitamin C Serum
Buy from us easy to apply, gentle on skin, and fast absorbing vitamin C serum and include in your daily skin care routine. After applying a serum, one can apply a moisturizer and even makeup when going out. 
Aloe Vera Gel
Our company supplies large volume of fresh aloe vera gel to cosmetic companies in India. This gel is used in the production of many skin care and hair care products. People can apply it at home on skin and hair.
Beard Balm
Get this nourishing and conditioning beard balm with natural butter. Bearded men can use beard oil and balm as a part of their grooming process. 
Eyebrow Oil

Gro your eye brows and eye lashes naturally by using an eyebrow oil. Gently massage this oil on the brow before going to bed. This is 100% pure essential oil that will not cause any irritation.

Shea Butter
Shea butter is a natural, plant based substance that can be used on skin in many ways. Both, women and men can apply shea butter on skin for skin lightening, healing wounds, removing dark spots and stretch marks.
Herbal Powder
Our range of herbal powder include dried, powdered herbs that are good for skin and hair. All kinds of powder are different and have benefits of their own. 
Skin Care
These skin care products are based only on natural ingredients. The plant based products can be mixed with other ingredients and can be applied on skin. 
Hair Oil
Get rid of all hair and scalp problems by massaging a herbal hair oil twice in a week before hair wash. The massage helps the oil to penetrate into the scalp quickly and nourish scalp and cuticles. The oil can be easily removed by shampooing hair. 
Body Butter
Buy from us mango and cocoa body butter and use it on any part of the body that is dry, whether lips, face, hands or feet. This skin care product is also helpful in reducing stretch marks and ageing signs. 
Essential Oils
Gentle massage from any of the essential oils blended in carrier oil will strengthen the muscles and bones. Essential oil blends can help in increasing circulation, tone muscles and give relief from joint pain.